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How your credit score could be affected

When you apply for a loan with Liberty, your credit score can only be affected if you submit a full application. Getting a rate estimate, or starting a loan application but not submitting it, will not affect your credit score.

Getting your personalised rate

When you obtain a rate estimate with us we access your credit file in a way that is not disclosed to anyone else, other than yourself. You may be alerted to this if you subscribe to a credit reporting body that notifies you of changes to your file.

This is called 'file access', and is different to the 'full credit enquiry' that lenders can complete when you apply for a loan.

That means if other credit providers subsequently look at your file, they will not be able to see that we have accessed your file.

Applying for a loan

If you apply for a Liberty loan by submitting the full application form you authorise Liberty to obtain a copy of your full credit file.

After you submit a full application, when you subsequently apply for a loan with another lender, they will be able to see that you applied for a loan.

Information we provide to Credit Reporting Bodies

In addition to receiving information from credit reporting bodies, we also advise credit reporting bodies of your repayment behaviour.

This is a good thing because other credit providers will be able to see that you are making all of your repayments to us on time, which could positively impact your ability to get credit in the future.

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